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Yammer Roadmap Session #msignite

A small post to go over the Yammer Roadmap session and to highlight the key parts.

New Features:

Single Sign On (Future)

A major investment coming soon is Single Sign On with the rest of Office 365.  You can already link your Active Directory accounts but currently Single Sign On is not implement.  Watch out for this feature soon.

External Messaging (Available Now)

You can now invite any external user into your Yammer conversations by simply adding their email address as part of your post (section at the bottom).

  • When you do this, a small yellow dot icon is next to the name to signify that it is external
  • The post button has a small globe next to it to show that it is now interacting with external users.

Once you post the message it appears in the external users yammer private message inbox (assuming they have one) and an email is sent to their inbox with the ability to sign up if they need to.

They can reply via email or via the yammer private message system.

The author of the conversation has the ability to take the external user out of the conversation at any point.  The private messages are deleted out of the users inbox and they can no longer reply.

If you wish, you can stop external messaging across your organizations Yammer tenant within Administration settings.

Compliance (Future)

Currently Microsoft is working hard to move Yammer into their own infrastructure and once it has done, compliance will be a priority.

Group Focus (Future – Coming Soon)

Improved focus on Groups within Yammer (not to be confused with Office 365 Groups)

  • Navigation for creation of groups as well existing groups has moved from the Top Navigation to the Side Navigation.
  • New users will be able to search for new groups as soon as they sign up, helping to improve the overall experience.

Delve Cards (Mostly available now / when Delve is in your tenant)

Watch for a different post on what Delve is… but in the meantime…

Yammer “signals” are built into the Delve boards, allowing you to start a discussion from any article or item that appears within Delve.

Next to the icon, notification counts show others discussing the item in Delve within Yammer (Please note this relies upon Single Sign On being implemented in the future)

image image

Mobile App Improvements (Coming Soon)

  • Notifications are being added to iOS and Android clients with swipe actions to take you straight into the discussion within the app
  • Inline @mentions within the discussion rather than a separate list at the bottom of the discussion post
  • Photo publisher within the app with annotation capability
  • New mobile experience and UI will surface important content first by group (with number of items not seen).  This is designed to ensure you always see the latest content without missing a thing!


Office 365 Group Sync (Far Future)

Towards the end of the session a number of people asked about integration with Office 365 Groups.  It was mentioned that this is in the road map but not timeline could be confirmed as they are working hard at bringing Yammer into the Microsoft infrastructure.


#Office365 Two Factor Authentication (Preview) (Phone Factor) #O365

August 13, 2013 1 comment

So I am about to embark on a client who is interested in two factor authentication in their existing Office 365 environment.

Oliver StickleyWith the speed Microsoft is going at these days, surely there is a solution to this and speaking to some contacts with Oliver Stickley, Microsoft helped us out.

What is Two Factor Authentication?

Single factor authentication is via a single method such as a Username and Password.

Two Factor Authentication adds an extra measure into the mix to ensure that you are who you say you are.  This could be an RSA Security Key or more recently the market is shifting towards using mobile phones as the security key with the use of automated phone calls, text messaging (SMS) or mobile apps.

The Solution

In October 2012, Microsoft acquired a company called PhoneFactor (more info) which has been developing two factor authentication solutions in the cloud for a while now and recently the capabilities have been added to Office 365 in the form of a preview which is free to try for Administrators.

NB: Please be aware that this is currently in preview, so they are still working out the kinks, pricing model, release schedules etc..

Given that we are in preview, not everything will be perfect, but there is still options that you can try out now assuming you have an Enterprise plan.

Three options are available:

  • Cloud IdentityOffice 365
  • Directory & Password Synchronisation
  • Federated Identity (ADFS)
    The various pros and cons of each option are described below in the video presentation.

NB: I can confirm that this is not available on the P1/P2 plans but unsure about the small business plans.

How does it work?

As part of my research I came across this excellent presentation from Microsoft Consulting Services which goes into detail about how the solution works.

Understanding Identities and Single Sign On.



Ignite Webcast – Understanding Identities and Single Sign On 

NB:   Please note that some limitations exist with non-ADFS setups and local client software (Outlook, Office etc.).  (it is a preview after all)

Original Source:

2nd Factor Authentication Options

So we know what two factor authentication is all about and we have seen how it is likely to work within Office 365, lets explore the options we have available to us:

Phone Call & SMS

Using any mobile phone (smart, non-smart or event an office phone), you can log-in with an automated phone call from Microsoft or an SMS Text Message which provides and authentication code.


Mobile App – Windows Phone 7 & 8

If you don’t have phone signal, then you can use generated no. authentication methods via a mobile app.  Microsoft of course support their own platforms

0c787737-55ad-4991-81af-c887758fe456 b675cbdd-f4f5-42c6-971c-1d5f8b61ab61

Mobile App – iOS / Android

The mobile app is also available for iOS and Android as well which pretty much covers most of the mobile market.  Search for Active Authentication from the Microsoft Corporation or use the links provided below.

iPhone Screens:

screen568x568 screen568x568 (1) screen568x568 (2)
Before the Microsoft re-brand iOS demonstration

iOS (iPhone / iPad) App Download:

Android Screens:

android1 Android2

Android App Download:


That’s great, how do I get started?

Excellent question, it’s available in your Office 365 admin panel right now and is incredibly easy to setup without ADFS…

Login to your Office 365 admin portal, click Users and Groups:


Click the set up link shown above.

Now select the name you want to use two factor authentication with and click enable.


Please keep at least one admin account with single factor authentication whilst you are using this preview version.

NB: Admins are free to use the capability, standard users require a license.

Once you have turned it on against your admin user account.  Log out and log back in.  You will be asked to initially verify your second type of authentication.

Choose your preferred option from below:


NB: You will find this link useful later as in the preview there doesn’t appear to be a link within the Office 365 interface:

Even though it is Windows Azure based, login with your Office 365 account details.

That is it.  You are setup and working.

Preview documentation is available on TechNet here:

    If you would like to use ADFS, take a look at the links above and perhaps contact your favourite Microsoft partner (hint: CPS ( to help you out.
    Ok, v.long post today but hopefully you will all find it useful.  Till the next time…

    #SharePoint #ProjectServer community application updates #SP2010 #PS2010 #MSProject #ios #iphone #android

    August 24, 2011 Leave a comment

    Another quick blog post to highlight some of the updates the community mobile app has received over the last few weeks:


    Podcast links updated

    • Mr Excel podcast – remember a lot of formulas can be used in calculated columns but also useful for Excel Services!!!
      Microsoft Update Center

    For Microsoft Office and SharePoint / Project Server related products linking to the latest CU and Service Packs as well as older updates.  (I don’t know about you but I always find it a nightmare finding update links)

    SharePoint and related product feature comparisons

    So you are at a client and they ask you whether a particular feature is in a certain version of the product.  You think you know the answer, but you are not sure.  So here is the answer, right on your phone.  The Feature Comparison tables for SharePoint, Office, Lync and others as I find them.

    Never be stuck again knowing which BCS features are in which version of the product again!


    SharePoint User Group UK

    SharePoint User Group (UK) dates updated (including the one I shall be speaking at.  More about that in a blog post later)

    Last of all I would like to say a big thank you for all the people who have downloaded the app so far.  I am working on getting a version of the app onto Windows Phone 7, Blackberry and a number of other OS’s so watch this space!

    Once again if you have any suggestions for the app, please let me know.

    Podcasts now available on the #SharePoint / #ProjectServer community app #Android #iOS #SP2010 #PS2010 #MSProject

    August 5, 2011 Leave a comment

    Further mobile app updates #iOS #Android #iPhone #SP2010 #SharePoint #PS2010 #ProjectServer #MSProject

    August 1, 2011 Leave a comment

    Now that the Android release is out of the way, the application content can be updated.

    New features in this content update:

    • Location and date updates for Conferences, SharePoint Saturday’s and User Groups (UK)
    • CodePlex Project video updates
    • Minor link updates to SharePoint and Project Server RSS feeds including adding one of the site authors RSS feed for his new blog (Paul Mather:

    If you have a blog, user group meeting or anything else you would like to add to the app, please get in contact.

    Further iPhone application updates #iphone #ipad #ios #SharePoint #SP2010 #MSProject #PS2010 #ProjectServer #in

    Just a quick blog to say that I have updated the SharePoint (and Project Server) iPhone application today with the following content:

    • About Me – Links to my profile, my company etc…
    • SharePoint Conferences around the world – locations & dates
    • SharePoint Saturday around the world – locations & dates

    Application Categories: Social Media, News

    Search Keywords: SharePoint, Project Server, Giles Hamson, Shenanigans, RSS, Blog

    Introducing a new #iPhone / #iPad application for the #SharePoint and #ProjectServer community #SP2010 #MSProject #in

    July 24, 2011 1 comment

    Application features:

    • Blog articles from this site
    • Blog categories by author
    • SharePoint blog community RSS feeds
    • Project Server blog community RSS feeds
    • User Group locations and dates
    • Social media sharing via:
    shenanigans_facebooklogo shenanigans_twitterlogo1

    As the community has been so kind to me, this is my way of giving something back and I welcome new feature suggestions and blogs to be added to the RSS feeds.


    The user group meeting locations is currently only for the UK, but if anyone would like to add any further user group locations / dates, anywhere in the world.  I will happily add them and they will be available on the application the following day.

    Although the application is currently only available for the iOS platform, it will soon also be available for Android and potentially Windows Mobile 7

    Please send feedback / suggestions via the contact form.


    Application Name: SharePoint (and Project Server) Shenanigans

    Application Categories: Social Media, News

    Search Keywords: SharePoint, Project Server, Giles Hamson, Shenanigans, RSS, Blog


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