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How to check the SharePoint 2010 and Project Server 2010 service pack / patch level #PS2010 #ProjectServer #SharePoint #SP2010

July 8, 2011 Leave a comment

This article will show how to check the farm version for SharePoint Foundation 2010, SharePoint Server 2010 and Project Server 2010.

The farm patch level can be check in the Central Administration site, click “Upgrade and Migration” then “Check Product and Patch Installation Status”


The patch level of all farm components will be detailed here, as you can see below, Project Server is listed at the bottom:


The farm configuration database version can also be checked on the “Manage Servers in this farm” page:


You can also check the SQL databases directly just running the query below:

select     version
        ,    ID
        ,    UserName
        ,    TimeStamp
from versions

Or if you want to see everything:

Select * from versions

This query can be executed against most of the SharePoint 2010 databases and all of the Project Server 2010 PWA databases. Worth noting is that not all SharePoint databases have a versions table, also not all of the versions tables get updated with every update, it usually depends if there is a schema update.


Some links to capacity planning tools and advice #in #SP2010 #PS2010 #ProjectServer #SharePoint #MSProject


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Further Resources & Links – SharePoint 2010:

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Tihomir Ignatov Blog

Custom Excel spread sheet for sizing High Availability environments:


Choirul Amri Blog

Further storage considerations:

Unique alphanumeric list ID’s via SPD Workflow and Calculated Columns #SharePoint #SP2010 #in

March 9, 2011 16 comments

A common thing I do for most clients is to create a unique alphanumeric ID that is consistent in length with pre-filled zeros.

Risk list alphanumeric ID example:

  • RSK0001

However, as has been documented many times (link); you cannot use the ID column of a list in a calculated column.  To get over this issue I use a simple SharePoint Designer workflow to copy the ID value to another column (Unique Reference) and then base my calculation on the Unique Reference column.

Step One: Create a common site column for use across the Site Collection

  • Column Name: Unique Reference
  • Column Type: Single Line Of Text

Step Two: Create a calculated column for the alphanumeric ID

  • Column Name: Risk ID
  • Column Type: Calculated Column
  • Formula: =”RSK” & TEXT([Unique Reference], “0000”)

NB: The TEXT function will prefill the ID with zeros

    Step Three: Add the Unique Reference and Risk ID column to your List or Content Type

Step Four: Create the SharePoint Designer Workflow

  • Create a list or content type (SP2010 only) workflow
  • Workflow should fire on Creation only (disable Manual and Edit)
  • Use the following steps:


  • Publish the workflow (list workflow)


  • Assign the workflow to the content type (if you have created a redistributable workflow in SPD 2010) and assign the content type to the list (content type workflow)

Step Five: Hide the Unique Reference column in the list / content type

  • This will stop the Unique Reference column from showing to the end user.

NB: You must hide the Unique Reference column after you have created and published the workflow otherwise it will not appear in SharePoint Designer

You list items will now have a unique alpha numeric ID

NB: Please remember that automatic workflows will not fire if you are logged in as the farm account (link)

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