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Project Conference 2012 video presentations now available #PS2010 #ProjectServer #MSProject #in


Over the past couple of months, you may have seen posts about my presentation at the Project Conference held in Phoenix, AZ.   Now that some time has passed, Microsoft has uploaded all the video presentations to the Project channel on Microsoft Showcase.

The Project team officially announced the availability here.


As part of the Microsoft Project Conference 2012, Corporate Project Solutions (my company) not only sponsored my presentation, but also the client I have been working for over the last couple of years, ARM.

So without further ado, I offer both video presentations for your consideration:





View Ghamson's profile on slideshare

If you would like to skim through the slides, I have uploaded them to SlideShare for your convenience:

Integrating SharePoint and Project Server 2010

8 Billion Reasons… Why ARM Chose Project Server 2010

Enjoy and if you have any questions about the above or would like to know more, please get in contact!


#MSPC12 Day Two and Three Further Sessions, Networking and Outer Space! #MSProject #ProjectServer

March 26, 2012 Leave a comment

So on to the last two days of the conference…

Keynote Day Two

Initially Chris Crane discussed further how important partners are to the Microsoft Project eco-system.

Then Ludovic Hauduc, General Manager of the Project Business at Microsoft (Who has been involved with Project since 1994) discussed how he has moved from developer to his current role and how Microsoft themselves use Project, Project Server and its Portfolio Management capabilities to manage the future development of the product.

As part of his speech, he highlighted that Portfolio Management within EPM solutions was once seen as a technique for those with high project and portfolio maturity, causing an ivory tower affect.  Now, however with Project Server 2010, Microsoft has successfully brought this functionality to the masses in an easy to use interface improving the maturity, focus and success of project run on the SharePoint and Project Server 2010 platform.

Other parts of the presentation discussed the ease of use connecting Microsoft Project 2010 to the cloud with Office 365.  This was demonstrated to the audience…


Keynote Day 2 – Office 365 integration with Project 2010

(featuring Christophe Fiessinger as the “Geek”)

Sessions Attended


  • Beyond the Basics: Business Intelligence Reports
  • Take Your Project Reporting To The Next Level: Dashboards And Other Tools
  • Cloud Bursting Techniques with SharePoint Online


  • UMT Project Essentials Pro – Effectively deploy a best practice Financial Governance framework for Project Server 2010
  • Building advanced Project Server workflows with Nintex Workflow for Project Server
  • Extending and Customizing the Project Server 2010 Timesheet to Drive Adoption and Achieve Business Results

A big thank you to all the presenters, the sessions were excellent.  I will definitely be downloading them for future reference.

Evening Events

On the Wednesday evening of the conference, Microsoft and Shark Pro software fired out the Arizona Space Center for the evening Smile


My colleagues and I enjoyed the even very much, playing with all the experiments throughout the place including going into the planetarium

Overall the Project Conference was a massive success and I hope to be attending the next one!

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#MSPC12 Experiences Day One and the CPS presentations #PC324 #PC301

March 21, 2012 2 comments

I’m sitting in my hotel room right now totally buzzing from the day I have just experienced at the Microsoft Project Conference 2012.

A whole host of emotions and states have run through from nerves and waking up at 3am this morning to joy and more academic interest in the sessions that I have attended today.

Nerves? you may ask.  Well you see today was my first ever presentation to an audience at a conference!  Now I am a consultant by trade and do presentations at clients all the time.

We even run seminars, where I am backed by sales people and colleagues from my company.

But this is different.  This is the Microsoft Project Conference!

It runs every three years.  I have been preparing for months with dry run after dry run.  Presentation tweaks left, right and centre.

So how did it go you may be wondering…  Well I will come to that later…

Initially there was breakfast…

Phil, Sacha, Chris and myself sitting in the conference centre wearing our speaker shirts feeling tense about our mission ahead.

Philip Stanbury-Jones (ARM)


Giles Hamson (CPS)



The Keynote

First up was the Microsoft Project Conference key note. 

DJ at the beginning of the session really brining the vibe of the conference build up to a head.

Discussions about the focus areas of SharePoint and Project Server 2010 including an excellent demo involving Project Server 2010, Portfolio Management, Windows 8 (On a Samsung slate), MS Project 2010, iPhones in one seamless demo!

Videos on successful implementations at Revlon


Further details can be found on Chris Crane’s blog post (link) and for the time being the Microsoft News Center has links to case studies, videos etc… here:


Presentations I attended

So after the keynote all 1,200 attendees of the conference filtered to their chosen sessions.  My chosen sessions were:

Both excellent presentations and case studies of real world applications of core Project Server functionality with integration of other key Microsoft technologies such as Report Services, Private Cloud Technologies with Project Hosts and Visual Studio 2010 – Team Foundation Server.

Then at 15:15

Both presentations sponsored by my company, Corporate Project Solutions started:CPS_Group-metrojpgPhilip Stanbury-Jones

8 Billion Reasons Why ARM Chose Project Server 2010 (#PC301)

A good attendance and well received presentation detailing the project I have been working on for the last 2 years integrating Project Server 2010, SharePoint Server 2010 and Reporting Services 2008 R2 with other LOB applications such as SAP and other internal tools.

This presentation discussed the business benefits of the approach taken.


#PC301 feedback on Twitter

Giles Hamson

Integration SharePoint and Project Server 2010 – Deployment Approaches, Integration Options and Making the Most of the Enterprise Features (#PC324)

As for my session… attendance was excellent, audience appeared to be engaged with questions throughout the session and lots of questions at the end.

I was so excited, I had to take a picture…

Presentation Audience

#PC324 Audience

The session, related to Phil’s presentation, discusses a more high level view on deployment approaches, pros and cons, some gotchas and examples of Enterprise features to really leverage the power of the SharePoint and Project Server 2010 platform.


Many of these experiences were learnt on implementing the solution discussed in Phil’s presentation, so I urge you to seek you the details at the MS Project Conference 2010 website.

The Wrap Up

So to finish the day, we attended the ClubPC event for networking, socialising and generally calming down from the excitement of the sessions before a group of us split off to eat at the prestigious Hyatt revolving restaurant.


Excellent food, great company.

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#MSPC12 Experiences–Day Zero #MSProject #ProjectServer #PC301 #PC324

March 20, 2012 1 comment

So I am sitting here in the Conference on the 1st day of the event and it has been so busy that this is the first chance I have had to write about my experiences.

Now this is the first conference I have been to where Microsoft Project and Project Server is the primary subject matter and of course I am here on behalf of my company (CPS).

You may be wondering what I mean by: Day Zero.

Well as part of being a Microsoft Partner with a Gold Competency in Project and Portfolio Management and one of the leading PPM partners in the UK we get involved in the various Microsoft meetings etc…  One of which is a partner appreciation pre-day to get everyone deep into Project Server together to discuss key ideas and network.

Community Recognition

Now I have been running this blog for a while now (October 2010 if I recall), but I am also a consultant by trade, so I am busy all the time and never quite know the impact of what I am putting out into the world.

Sure there are comments and I help a few peeps.  I can see daily stats which look fairly healthy, but to truly know whether you are connecting to the community; coming to an event like the Microsoft Project Conference 2012 has really hit it home that I am reaching my intended audience.

Face to face:

I walk into the partner pre-day and grab a coffee before the session starts and Andrew Lewinsky (UMT) comes up to me and says “Giles, nice to meet you, I’m …”.

Now I have never met or spoken to him in my life, but I of course know who he is.  Project MVP, works for UMT and most importantly the author of the white paper Reporting with Project Server 2010.

Not only am I recognised, but so is my company and other fellow blogger colleagues also: “Is Paul Mather here also, he keeps beating me to the punch on the MSDN forums, but his responses are sooooo good…”

Another highlight is being recognised by Christophe Fiessinger, including being mentioned in his presentation:

My blog 1

Christophe on stage discussing the importance of community

My blog 2

Focusing on the importance of PowerShell (post by Paul Mather)

Now I won’t go into the details of the Partner Appreciation Day but I would like to thank the Microsoft Project team including Jan Kalis and Christophe Fiessinger for all the arrangements, it was a useful day which I took a lot from.

I will create further posts with my further experiences of the conference with myself, Sacha Cohn (@sachacohn), Chris Pond (@ccpond) and my client Philip Stanbury-Jones including an update on how Phil and my presentations go today.

Presentations start at 15:15:

If you are reading this from the conference and see me, come and introduce yourself Smile

Have fun!

Project Conference 2012 Sessions List in Excel! #MSPC12 #PC324 #PC301 #in #MSProject #ProjectServer

So I am sitting here this evening announcing my new Windows Phone 7 app and starting to look at the sessions in the Project Conference myself, my colleagues (Chris Pond @ccpond, Sacha Cohn (webcast session) and my client (Philip Stanbury-Jones – ARM #PC301) are going to in just over a weeks time.

I have ended up collating this spread sheet with links to all the twitter feeds for use during the conference.

Hopefully others will find it useful also, You can download the spread sheet here:


Or you can view it online here:



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