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#ProjectServer 2013 Issue: The Server was unable to save the form at this time. Please try again. #PS2013 #SP2013 #SPS2013

A quick post to share the issue and its resolution i came across after applying April 2013 CU to my Project Server 2013 farm.

After successfully completing the configuration wizard, i was browsing project site to relate document to particular task in project to verify if the absence of icon issue is resolved. So first to confirm that its not resolved by Apr CU, i.e. document indicator still not appearing along with the task in project views, however document indicator will appear in project center views along with the project name.

But this is not the issue i am blogging it about 🙂

While verifying this issue, i came across another issue i.e. when trying creating  risk/issue i found this message at the bottom of the page:

The Server was unable to save the form at this time. Please try again.

After some goggling i found that this can be resolved by restarting  SharePoint Search Host Controller services. You can open services dialog box by using Administrator user, and restart the service.
Hope this help some of you out there, good luck.

via All about Enterprise Project Management (EPM) http://khurramjamshed.blogspot.com/2013/06/projectserver-2013-issue-server-was.html

Khurram Jamshed
The author of the blog has an extensive experience of working as an EPM Consultant. Currently he is located in Dubai, UAE and working for Microsoft partner organization as Project Server specialist. He has a thorough experience of providing Project Management technical/functional consultancy to all sort of organizations. He is a certified PMP, a Project Server MCITP, and also received a MS community contributor award 2011.

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