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Office Web Apps Server 2013 – Unable to preview/create/edit through web #SP2013 #PS2013 #OWA2013

A quick post to share the joy of installing/configuring Office Web App server 2013 and adding to farm to work with Project Server 2013 project sites, and additionally to share the issue which led me bang my head to wall several times a day while troubleshooting 🙂
This can be very beneficial in terms that Project Server users can enjoy a complete web based Project Management experience with Office Web Apps server in place. As most of the Project scheduling capabilities are already available through PWA in 2013, additionally users can also manage their project artifacts on project site without the need of office suite installed to be used to create/edit documents.  

Follow these very detailed and helpful TechNet article in order to prepare Office Web App server , and then bind it with your SharePoint server later to make it work.

  1. Plan office Web Apps Server
  2. Deploy Office Web Apps Server 
  3. Configure SharePoint 2013 to use Office Web App Server
There is troubleshooting section in last TechNet article, Configure SharePoint 2013 to use OWA server, which can help you to troubleshoot most of your common issues.
However there are few more i would like to highlight, which may can drive you crazy:
First, if you are planning to configure your SharePoint to use Office Web Apps in test environment over HTTP, include the host name list to your OWA server list by using following power-shell command:
New-OfficeWebAppsHost -domain <server-name>
Note, since the above parameter is slightly confusing, you need to include Domain and your SharePoint server name as well. That is if you domain name is contoso.com, and your SharePoint webapp name is http://sharepoint:port, then include contoso.com and sharepoint both to host list by executing above command twice for each parameter value.
You may find following error in your OWA server log file due to above issue:
WOPI : CreateWOPIHttpRequest failing due to invalid host

Also in your Office Web Apps Server, ULS logs location is: c:\programdata\microsoft\officewebapps\data\logs\uls 
More issues, if you see the below issue and technet article solution wont help, try check your SharePoint server firewall settings:
Sorry there was a problem and we cant open this document. Please try to use Microsfot word to open this file. 
One of the solution for the above issue is host name not available in host list of OWA as described above. however, if you still see this error, as for me i have had been banging my head with this error for last few hours 🙂 , go through your ULS logs thoroughly and see if there is an indication to connectivity between two servers. Something like below in ULS: (i have highlighted the meaningful line in below, however left the other part intentionaly so that search engines can catch)
OPI CheckFile: Catch-All Failure [exception:Microsoft.Office.Web.Common.EnvironmentAdapters.UnexpectedErrorException: HttpRequest failed —> Microsoft.Office.Web.Apps.Common.HttpRequestAsyncException: No Response in WebException —> System.Net.WebException: Unable to connect to the remote server —> System.Net.Sockets.SocketException: A connection attempt failed because the connected party did not properly respond after a period of time, or established connection failed because connected host has failed to respond     at System.Net.Sockets.Socket.EndConnect(IAsyncResult asyncResult)     at System.Net.ServicePoint.ConnectSocketInternal(Boolean connectFailure, Socket s4, Socket s6, Socket& socket, IPAddress& address, ConnectSocketState state, IAsyncResult asyncResult, Excepti… 03e73292-863f-49a5-bf05-6d9f982aa7e9
10/01/2013 15:17:29.72* w3wp.exe (0x1084)                       0x222C Office Web Apps               WAC Hosting Interaction       adhsk Unexpected …on& exception)     — End of inner exception stack trace —     at System.Net.HttpWebRequest.EndGetResponse(IAsyncResult asyncResult)     at Microsoft.Office.Web.Apps.Common.HttpRequestAsync.GetResponseCallback(IAsyncResult asyncResult)     — End of inner exception stack trace —     — End of inner exception stack trace —     at Microsoft.Office.Web.Apps.Common.WopiDocument.LogAndThrowWireException(HttpRequestAsyncResult result, HttpRequestAsyncException delayedException)     at Microsoft.Office.Web.Apps.Common.HttpRequestAsync.End()     at Microsoft.Office.Web.Apps.Common.WopiDocument.GetWopiRequestResultWithRetry(Int32 maxSize, MemoryStream ms, WopiRequest wopiRequest)     at Microsoft.Office.Web.Apps.Common.WopiDocument.CheckWopiFile()] 03e73292-863f-49a5-bf05-6d9f982aa7e9
10/01/2013 15:17:29.72 w3wp.exe (0x1084)                       0x222C Office Web Apps               WAC Hosting Interaction       ajjve Medium   WOPI CheckFile: Catch-All Failure [url:http://epm2013:85/_vti_bin/wopi.ashx/files/9cc20f3dd1c444f0b6eb71528ec907c2%5D 03e73292-863f-49a5-bf05-6d9f982aa7e9
To ensure the connectivity, don’t only rely on using ping command to ensure the connectivity between two servers, i.e SP and OWA. Try browse you webapp from OWA server and see if its accessible. If you are getting above error, then most likely you wont be able to access the webapp as well from outside SP server. Check your firewall settings of SP server, and see if you have allowed the ports to be accessed.
Control Panel -> Windows firewall -> advance security -> Inbound Rules > Port > Protocol:TCP, Specific Port:  > Allow the connection > Apply to all zones > Enter a rule name > Finish.

And hopefully if everything works for you, you will be able to preview/create/edit office documents through web to have a complete web based experience of SharePoint 2013.

via All about Enterprise Project Management (EPM) http://khurramjamshed.blogspot.com/2013/10/office-web-apps-server-2013-unable-to.html

Khurram Jamshed
The author of the blog has an extensive experience of working as an EPM Consultant. Currently he is located in Dubai, UAE and working for Microsoft partner organization as Project Server specialist. He has a thorough experience of providing Project Management technical/functional consultancy to all sort of organizations. He is a certified PMP, a Project Server MCITP, and also received a MS community contributor award 2011.

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