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New Country, New Job! #SharePoint #MSProject #SP2013 #PS2013

Ok, so it has been a while since I have been engaged with SPandPS.com and I see that lots of posts are still happening on a regular basis.

It is now time to fill you all in on why I have been so quiet and to promise that more posts will be forthcoming now that things have settled down.

So before the quiet period, I was Giles Hamson, living and working in the UK for Corporate Project Solutions as a SharePoint and Project Server Architect. 

I am now Giles Hamson, living and working in the US (Austin / Round Rock, Tx) for BrightStarr as a Principal Consultant.

So the last 6 / 9 months has been dialing down existing projects and selling / packing all my stuff in the UK, getting married to my gorgeous wife Michele (don’t mean to embarrass hunny but it is true, you are beautiful!),  buying a house, emigrating to Round Rock, Tx, filling the house with furniture, driving tests, visas and all the rest of the stuff that comes with moving your world across the pond (don’t worry the cat made it safely!)

So, let the good times roll and the SharePoint (and Project Server) knowledge be shared!

You will see announcements and me turning up at the Austin and Houston User Groups whenever my schedule allows.  I appreciate all the visitors who come to the site and I look forward to posting on a regular basis again!

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