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SharePoint 2010 Designer Issues

While it is always good to work with the latest and greatest versions of everything, there are still solutions running on 2010 that need maintenance.

So recently I found myself having to update a SharePoint 2010 solution that was made up of an SPD2010 workflow, a content type and library template. I had to update the content type, workflow and library template with some new and updated columns.

The library template was using a custom Edit form with some of the  content type fields hidden, so I had to update the Edit form to show some new fields. To add a new field to a form you would normally edit the form table to and new rows where needed then select the field from the data source and select as ‘Insert as List Form Field’, unfortunately this option was no available; updating an edited form seems to be a common problem with SPD2010, as the same issue is outlined here.


My solution was as follows:

Select a field in the form where I wanted the new field and insert a new row into the form table, copy an existing control and insert into the new row, using the Common FormField Tasks control select the new control from the Data Field picker



Now Pick ‘List Form Field’ from the Format as  picker



In the Quick Tag Selector bar the new field will be called <SharePoint:FormField#FormField1>


From the Quick Control select Edit Tag…


The Tag code is now displayed with the ID value of  “FormField1


Now check the other fields and find the control with the highest ID value and set the new tag value the be higher in the format “ff<id>{$Pos}”, ensure both references to the ID value are set


If the ID numbering is incorrect a duplicate


Once completed the new control will be available on the form.

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