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How can I contribute to help in the time of COVID-19

Who could have predicted the current weird?

Certainly not politicians, right?

Some of us are grateful that we were already used to working from home, and therefore the current situation, although not ideal, is still manageable. I just had to wait a couple of weeks to receive a desk and swap my ironing board and improvised desk to a more long term environment than my living room table.

After sorting out our home schedule, such as distributing home-schooling and client’s work, I was frustrated not being able to help with the “current weird” situation like the amazing frontline medical staff that are saving lives.

  • I made myself available for a few hours each week, to answer any of your working-from-home challenges, solve your technical challenges with Office 365 and SharePoint.

When I posted this on LinkedIn a few weeks ago, a couple of people joined me and I hope that I was useful since they managed to progress with the questions they had. I just didn’t post it on my own blog yet.

There was never a better time to learn something new, so come on and hit me. Anything from being Excel pivot tables, chart, preparing an amazing presentation and mastering Zoom ro Microsoft Teams, becoming a master in productivity with Outlook, kicking arse at ticking tasks and finding your documents in seconds, to backing up your pc the right way.

Francois Souyri delivering free technical coaching session with headset.

Click here to book time absolutely free, and booking can be repeated if you wish.

(the times I reserved for us will not impact my current commitment so don’t be embarrassed, just come to say hello)

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François Souyri
French native Sharepoint Consultant living in London. A crossway between a designer, developer and system architect. Prefers stretching the limit of out-of-the-box features rather than breaking them into code. When not working with Microsoft Sharepoint François is often found on Web2.0 News sites and related social networking tools.

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