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Windows 10 upgrade adventures–HP Stream 7 edition #Win10 #Upgrade #HPStream7

July 31, 2015 5 comments

So Windows 10 is out (RTM’d if we are allowed to use that term anymore) and as ever I like to upgrade my machines and live and breathe the new software… it is the best way to get used to the way things are going to be from now on…

I had dabbled with the insider preview but honestly time didn’t allow me to go into all the features properly.

As part of a whim late last year, I bought myself an HP Stream 7 for $79.  As a Windows 8.1 machine, it was ok, but the screen was too small to be massively useful.  For things like Netflix, Hulu, Plex etc… it was perfect however.


So what better machine to experiment with an upgrade…

Of course this wasn’t going to be easy… with only 32gb of storage and a low spec processor, it may not even work at all!  However, with an update, I got the magic icon to reserve my copy, so why the heck not!

Attempt 1 – Command Line

So June 29th came and went and apparently it wasn’t my turn.  After some discussions with my colleague Jin at work, he pointed me to this command line tool to force the upgrade:

  • wuauclt.exe /upgradenow

So I did exactly that and everything seemed great.  Downloading files, checking system specs, then… failed!

It would appear that the 15gb of space I had on the device was not enough!

So I cleared a bunch of space (uninstalled Office 365, cleared down my OneDrive files etc…) and tried again.  Same process…

Alas I had the same problem…

Attempt 2 – Reset the device

So I go into work the next day and Jin is there with his HP Stream 7 and a fancy new Windows 10 installation.

How? What? Huh?

It would appear that resetting the device back to factory defaults gave enough space to do the upgrade for him.

So I tried exactly that, but unlike him, I got a different experience…

I decided not to connect a Microsoft Account incase that used up more space with sync’s from other machines…

Ran the update process and all it did was update to the latest Windows 8.1 patches.

At this point, I had no space to install Windows 10 again.

Attempt 3 – Reset the device (Microsoft Account edition)

So I reset the device again, thinking I would just download the tool to run the upgrade instead.

This time, I use my Microsoft Account to login to my device and sudden voila!  There is a new OS to install – wanna do it?  Yeah I do!


It downloaded the files, ran the checks and started the process.  It took approximately 2.5 hours but I am there, it works and initial impressions are awesome!

I will probably report back further on my progress but for now, I am going to enjoy my new HP Stream 7 Tablet Mode experience!

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