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SharePoint 2013 Visio Services

One of the services that I hardly ever look at is Visio, so i decided to provision an instance on my SP2013 beta test server and take a look

Within Central Admin the provisioning process is pretty much the same as 2010.


For this Service Application I created a new managed account and app pool and provisioned the Service Application,

At first the service wouldn’t display a Visio web diagram (.vdw)

Not a very handy error


but the Event Log sheds more light on this



Go to Services on Server and start the Visio Service (it really bugs me that SharePoint 2010 doesn’t do this, looks like 2013 is the same)


After trying again, another error



Once again the event log shows what happened here, the managed account I created for the Visio Service Application has no access to the content db where the Visio diagram is.




so the same fix as SharePoint 2010 is needed here.

$webApp = Get-SPWebApplication http://teams


A look in SQL shows that the Service Account SP\SrvAcc now has the SPDataAccess role on the database WSS_Content_Teams database


Finally we have a Visio Web Diagram available in the browser.




so not much different from 2010 from this Point of view.


Happy SharePointing.

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