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Add the SharePoint Version Number to a Word Document

A client asked me today how he could insert the Version of a file stored in a Sharepoitn Library into a word 2010 document, my initial response was “use Quick Parts” but I tested and to my surprise it’s not showing in the list of QuickParts.
Nor in the column value “[Version]” can be used in a different column: the value is being saved only after the item is processed and therefore any calculated value will not take the change and display 0.

Thanks to those simple no-code steps by CodebyCody it’s a quick fix which gets you to start using Sharepoint Information Management Policy Settings. Enabling this label at a Content Type level for instance “Document” will fix all document library in one shot.

via François on Sharepoint http://sharepointfrancois.wordpress.com/2012/11/21/add-the-sharepoint-version-number-to-a-word-document/

François Souyri
French native Sharepoint Consultant living in London. A crossway between a designer, developer and system architect. Prefers stretching the limit of out-of-the-box features rather than breaking them into code. When not working with Microsoft Sharepoint François is often found on Web2.0 News sites and related social networking tools.

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