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Disable social features in SharePoint 2010

For most deployments clients want to use all the social features that SharePoint 2010 offers, but on a recent project I was working on, the client wanted all the social features disabled including.

– MySite Creation

– Use of My Profile link

– Page Personalization

– The use of ‘I Like It’ and ‘Tags & Notes’



As I have never had to do this it took a bit of googling to find all the correct settings.

Page Personalization

From CA – > Pick the Web app in question –> User Permissions


Unticking the last 2 items and the ‘Personalize this Page’ menu item is removed, but the users still have the ability to create personal views on lists and libraries, removing ‘Manage Personal Views’ will remove this option as well.




Another option to look at is ‘Edit Personal User Information’


This removes the, Edit Item and My Regional Settings from the ‘My Settings’ link, via the ‘My’ Drop down menu.


My Site & My Profile

To Remove the My Site and My Profile links go to CA –> Manage service Applications –> User Profile Service Application –> Manage User Permissions


By default all authenticated users have access to all the ‘Personal’ features, see the link below for details on the specific feature sets.


Personally I quite like this feature as you can decide who has access to which feature set, for example you might not want external users or partners to be able to use these features.

A point to note here is that if you disable “Use Social Features”, any of the features that you might have deployed such as the Note Board or list ratings will disappear !

Finally, to remove the SocialRibbonControl (‘I Like It’ and ‘Tags & Notes’) it can be disabled at Farm Level as it is a Farm Scoped feature


Now we have a very short ‘My’ menu.



Happy SharePointing !

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