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#MicrosoftForms and #MicrosoftFlow for #ProjectOnline #PPM project reviews #O365 #SharePoint #PMOT

Paul Mather
I am a Project Server and SharePoint consultant but my main focus currently is around Project Server.
I have been working with Project Server for nearly five years since 2007 for a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner in the UK, I have also been awared with the Microsoft Community Contributor Award 2011.
I am also a certified Prince2 Practitioner.

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Most projects at some point have some kind of review such as a stakeholder review or project closure review. As Project Online is built on SharePoint there are many ways that this can be achieved but in this blog post we will look at making use of Microsoft Forms to design those reviews, Microsoft Flow to capture the responses for the reviews and SharePoint Online to store the data in a list in the Project Web App site collection. As Project Online is built in the Microsoft Office 365 cloud there are lots of great features that you can make use of, Forms seemed a good fit for a project review.

Firstly access https://forms.office.com/ to get started with your review form. Please note Forms is currently in Preview. Click the New Form button:


This will load the form designer:


You can use the Theme button to select a theme or upload your own:


Enter a form title and description:


Then click the Add question button:


Select the type of response your question requires, notice the two additional options on the ellipsis at the end. Depending on the type of question selected, that will determine the control used on the form. Design the form as required, for this blog post, here is my very simple form:


Now on my Project Online PWA site in SharePoint Online I have created a list that contains columns for each of my questions:


The next step is to access Microsoft Flow and click create from template:


This blog post assumes you have already set up the connection to your SharePoint Online tenant in Microsoft Flow.

Search for forms and the existing templates for Forms will be loaded:


For this example we just need the first one “Record form responses in SharePoint”, click Continue:


Give the Flow a name then select the correct form in the “When a new response is submitted” Flow action:


Then again in the “Get response details” Flow action:


Then select / type / paste the SharePoint site URL and select the list created in the “Create item” Flow action:


Then map the responses from the form to the SharePoint list columns in the “Create item” Flow action:


Save the Flow.

Now back in Forms, access the Form then click the ellipsis then Settings:


On the form settings, set who can respond to the form, in this example I only want people in my organisation to response and I set it to record their name:


Now click the Share button to get the form URL to send to the relevant users or add in the Project Web App site. For example, if you were creating a project closure review form or stakeholder review form you might add this to a certain Project Detail Page that is only visible at a certain stage of the project lifecycle.

Once users respond you will see the flow runs in the run history and you will also see the responses on the target SharePoint list. See some example responses below:


Do be aware of the SharePoint list access – you might want to restrict access to this list!

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