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Project Server 2007 / 2010 scheduled tasks not running #PS2010 #ProjectServer #EPM #PS2007

Scheduled jobs such as the daily scheduled backup in project server not running but work when you run them manually? I have seen this at many clients and the resolution is usually simple.

All of the scheduled jobs in Project Server 2007 / 2010 run from a SharePoint Timer Job, if you look in Central Administration at the timer job definitions you will see your project server jobs. These include:

  • Project Server Cube Admin Job
  • Resource Capacity Job
  • Scheduled Backup Job (one for each item)

These jobs are created in Central Administration when you set up the scheduled jobs in PWA. If you find that some of the scheduled jobs no longer run automatically, editing the time of the job will usually resolve the issue. So for example, if your daily Project backup that scheduled to run at 02:00 is not working automatically, try editing the time of the job to 03:00 and check the following day to confirm it has worked. To confirm it has run you can check the queue history and add in the “Success” job completion state. You can always set the job to run again at 02:00 for the following night and that should still work. You would need to repeat this for all of the scheduled jobs that were not running automatically.

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