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TechNet Web Cast Slides: Deploying #ProjectServer on #VMWare with Shared Infrastructure #PS2010 #SharePoint #SP2010 #in

Just a quick post to say that the slides are now available for the Deploy Project Server on VMWare with Shared Infrastrucutre webcast that ran last week.

I have placed them on Office 365 so that you can look at them online here:

256px-Microsoft_Powerpoint_Icon.svg Successfully deploy Project Server on VMware with shared infrastructure (PowerPoint Web App – Office 365: ghamson.sharepoint.com)

You can also download the On-Demand Web Cast from Microsoft here:

TechNet Webcast

Successfully Deploy Project Server on VMware with Shared Infrastructure (Level 200)

Virtualizing Microsoft Project Server 2010 provides many benefits, but there are a number of decisions that you must carefully consider. This webcast highlights the key decision points around architecting a Project Server 2010 deployment utilizing VMware on shared infrastructure.

About the presenter:

Sacha Cohn is Chief Technology Officer of Corporate Project Solutions. A Microsoft Project Server and Microsoft SharePoint architect for over 10 years, Sacha has architected global-scale Project Server and SharePoint solutions. As a Microsoft Certified Scalability tester for the past 5 years, Sacha has focused on pioneering load and performance testing of Project Server and SharePoint solutions, to achieve the best value from VMware, Hyper-V, and physical infrastructure.


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