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More ISCLondon updates and Minority report in SharePoint

Today is the second day of the International Sharepoint Conference in London where something like 80% of the Speakers are from the US.
I have been asked if I could blog live on the event by Matt Hugues (@mattmoo2) on his blog and we are a few doing this, so you can read a good coverage at EngageInSharepoint from myself and others.

Despite the many technical and business related sessions I attended I picked a good subject to finish the day and for once I will talk a bit about it here as well as on EngageInSharepoint cause it’s not something we usually see: SharePoint content on a via an XBox KINECT.

The pics below speak for themselves, you can see Dan McPherson opening document libraries and images of his SharePoint site, using a very METRO interface that we are now getting more familiar to see on Windows mobile phones. Although a very early proof of concept what was interesting is the interest it generated in the room. A few life examples being picked by the audience where this could be very beneficial to access documents when fingers cannot do it via keyboard or mouse.

So what’s next? Go and download the SDK on Codeplex and start coding for KINECT !
Minority report was actually accessing Sharepoint documents !:-)

20120424-171603.jpg 20120424-171618.jpg

Full cover of the day at http://engageinsharepoint.co.uk

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  1. April 26, 2012 at 17:49

    I am glad you had a good time at the conference just to clarify a point you made though US speakers accounted for 30% of the total not 80%. Our speakers came from all over the world for this unique event.

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