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Project Online a new step forward

Just as always Project Online and Project Professional 2013 are out in the preview version. A lot of changes can still be made. I also want to point out that statements I make are mostly based on assumptions. As I don’t know what the final product will actually bring.

With the preview version coming out Microsoft also showed Project Online. So what is it? It is basically the office 365 version of Project Server. Project Server at the moment is only available as a Server product. For small – medium companies this might be too expensive to support.

With the coming of Project Online small-mid sized companies have the ability to benefit from almost all the capabilities of Project Server (Depending on the prize of course). Because it is based on office365 it a lot easier for small to mid sized companies to get there hands on it.


Project Online Home Page

This will open doors for these companies to start thinking about Enterprise Project Management (EPM). Meaning enterprise resource management, portfolio management en centralized project store for all the projects within the company.

Why would I still buy Project Server if Project Online is available? For me as it looks now in the preview version, Project Online can be categorized as a Project Server starter kit. It has a fare share of the functionalities and features of Project Server but has in its office365 environment somewhat limited configuration and development capabilities. Meaning branding, custom solutions, custom reports and probably more.

For bigger companies this might be a reason to go for a Project Server deployment instead of Project Online.

However I do think Project Online will be a great way for small to mid sized companies to experience Project. It is a great way for these companies to start managing Projects, Resources and Portfolios in a entirely different way.

If you want to test out Project Online you can do that here: http://www.microsoft.com/project/en-us/preview/default.aspx

I think Microsoft made a great leap forward with Project. I can’t wait to help new clients to set this up. Because don’t be fooled even Project Online needs a little bit of configuration before you can start using it for your company. Always remember the tool is easy, the process in your company around EPM is not.

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Robin Kruithof
I am Robin Kruithof. I am working at CXS in the Netherlands as a Microsoft Project Consultant. My passion lies in Project Management and everything in the Project Management domain.

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