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Paul Mather
I am a Project Server and SharePoint consultant but my main focus currently is around Project Server.
I have been working with Project Server for nearly five years since 2007 for a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner in the UK, I have also been awared with the Microsoft Community Contributor Award 2011.
I am also a certified Prince2 Practitioner.

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In this post I will look at the new functionality that allows you to have visibility of the SharePoint 2013 project sites / SharePoint sites that have a Task list in Project Server 2013. I mentioned this functionality in a previous post last week: http://pwmather.wordpress.com/2012/07/19/first-look-at-projectserver-online-office365-ps2013-sp2013/

The SharePoint 2013 Project Site template by default has a Task list so these will be available to add to Project Server, if you add the Task list to other SharePoint 2013 sites in the PWA site collection these will also be available to add to Project Server 2013.

For the purpose of this post I have a couple of test projects that are managed by Project Server, these are called PMPSTest1 and PMPSTest2. I also have 2 SharePoint Project Sites that contain tasks ready to be added to Project Server, these are called PMSharePointTest1 and PMSharePointTest2.

Firstly lets take a look at the project centre, here we can see the two Project Server projects as mentioned above.


Below are the two SharePoint 2013 sites created from the Project Site template:

Project Site template:


Project Sites:


Notice one task is assigned to Lee Mather – he is not currently a resource in Project Server.


Lets take a look at the Project Server Project Sites, we will use PMPSTest1 for this. As you can see below the tasks from the project plan do not appear in the Tasks list on the associated project site as this project is managed via PWA:



Notice the message stating that this project is managed by Project Server Project Web App.

Before we add any SharePoint sites to Project Server I just want to show the projects in the reporting tables from the ProjectServer database:


Now we will look at adding a SharePoint site, see the steps below:

Navigate to the Project Centre, click the Projects tab > Add SharePoint Sites:



Notice the three SharePoint sites, two are created from the project site template the there site is a team site with the Task list added.

Select PMSharePointTest1 and click Add:


Click Close

Below is a screen shot of the Project Server queue showing all of the successful jobs for adding this SharePoint site task list to Project Server:


Once the jobs have completed successfully, refresh the Project Centre and you will see the SharePoint site:


Clicking the PMSharePointTest1 project takes you to the Task list on the site:


Notice the quick launch on the site now has a Project Details link, this gives you access to the Project Detail pages for this project:


As this is not an enterprise Project Server project you cannot edit the tasks from the PDP.

Looking at the resource centre, you can see that Lee Mather has been automatically added as a resource to Project Server as he was assigned the task SPTask3 on the SharePoint task list:


Looking at the Resource assignments for my account, you will see that all tasks (from both enterprise projects and the SharePoint task list) are displayed:


The SharePoint task list project (PMSharePointTest1) will also be available in Project Professional 2013:


Project Professional synchronises with the SharePoint task list, new tasks can be added using Project Professional and these are synched back to the SharePoint task list on the PMSharePointTest1 site:


Saving the project will sync the tasks back to the Task list:



Running the same SQL query against the Reporting tables / views in the ProjectServer database now includes the tasks from the SharePoint site that was added. This enables reports to be easily created using Excel / SSRS etc.:


Notice the ProjectVisibilityMode column, for the SharePoint project site the value is 1, for enterprise projects the value is 0.

The data is also available in the Project Server OLAP cube, example below looking at the MSP Portfolio Analyser cube:


The SharePoint task list can be removed from Project Server using the normal delete enterprise object functionality – if you want to keep the SharePoint site do not check the box “Delete the connected SharePoint sites”!

The SharePoint task list can be converted to fully managed enterprise project using the active button on the Connected SharePoint Sites page:


After clicking Activate, the project will appear and function as a normal enterprise Project Server project and set the SharePoint task list to read only. Deactivating will set the project back to a SharePoint task list managed project.

Projects created in Project Server can also be deactivated and managed via the Task list.

This new functionality is great for organisations that want the visibility of lightweight projects in Project Server. This enables both types of projects, enterprise projects and task lists, to be visible in one central location and also make use of the full reporting capability of Project Server.

For more details see the links below:




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