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Service descriptions for SharePoint 2013


This post here http://modery.net/new-service-descriptions-for-office-365-wave-15/

has a list of all the services in SharePoint 2013 and what version they are available in.


The interesting one for me is that SSRS is available in the E3 and E4 Office 365 plans. Not seen anything about that and I am interested as to how it will work.

via Buzz Blog http://paulbuzzblog.wordpress.com/2012/11/26/service-descriptions-for-sharepoint-2013/

Chris Stretton
Paul is a an expert SharePoint and Project Server developer and is responsible for designing and implementing custom solutions on client systems using the latest SharePoint and .NET technologies.
Paul has extensive experience with SharePoint systems across all sizes of implementation, ranging from small to large farms and has an excellent understanding of all the elements of SharePoint.

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