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#Office #Project And #Visio 2016 Preview Available

This is to spread the word, with great excitement, that Project 2016 preview version is now available for trial use.

If you do not have required Office 365 subscription to try Project or Visio 2016, you can download using below links and trial product keys:


product key: N46MP-733KG-T8MR9-VV9JX-HCFG4


product key: W9WC2-JN9W2-H4CBV-24QR7-M4HB8

Few weeks back, at Ignite 2015, preview version of Office 2016 was announced. You can browse here to download Office 2016 desktop version for trial. Or if you have an Office 365 subscription, home or enterprise, you can find details here to download new version.

An important point to note regarding Office 2016 preview version, is that it cant be installed side by side to Office 2013 (not sure if its true for Office 2010 as well). So you have to uninstall Office 2013 prior to install Office 2016 preview.

via All about Enterprise Project Management (EPM) http://bit.ly/1FuTwh4

Khurram Jamshed
The author of the blog has an extensive experience of working as an EPM Consultant. Currently he is located in Dubai, UAE and working for Microsoft partner organization as Project Server specialist. He has a thorough experience of providing Project Management technical/functional consultancy to all sort of organizations. He is a certified PMP, a Project Server MCITP, and also received a MS community contributor award 2011.

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