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UAT – Why?

I’ve been working on projects over the years and approaches to User Acceptance Testing (UAT) has varied massively. It’s made me think, why do we UAT? 

You’ve purchased a product or selected some well respected partners to help you implement your system so it doesn’t really neeed testing right? After all we don’t test Word or Excel when we upgrade do we, we just assume it works. 

Well in some cases this is true, but UAT pays a really large part in making sure your system isn’t just bug free but your processes and training plans are correct. Too many people spend their time UAT’ing a system from a technical perspective, which is vital, but in reality it’s more important to UAT your new business processes too. How do you know they will work, how can you ensure your training plans will deliver what you want them too?

Your system could be perfect but unusable, it could have all the features you thought you needed but be too complex to use. 

So next time you tee up your team of UAT testers be sure to focus on more than just tying to break the system. 

If this post has prompted any thoughts please do get in touch. 

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Sam Graber
Sam Graber – I am an ambitious, successful and driven PPM and Change Management consultant with a client focused approach to delivering complex projects.

I have a track record of delivering exceptional quality solutions to clients using ProjectOnline, SharePoint and Office365. I have a passion for both the technology but also the change management elements of these projects to ensure that they are a success.

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