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#SPC19 Assignment Scheduler for your team @SPConf #O365

This year I am lucky enough to be going to the SharePoint Conference NA 2019 in Las Vegas with a number of my colleagues. Internally this raised the question of how do we gather as much information as possible within the team to share within our company.

The official schedule PDF came out late last week and to facilitate our need, I have converted it into an Excel spreadsheet which covers the 3 main days of the conference with spaces to assign the various members of my team

Then in true “new” technology mode, I saved the spreadsheet in my OneDrive, used the share link to my various colleagues then opened up a 7 way chat in Microsoft Teams to communicate the details and get assignments going… as well as talking about what else we are going to do in Vegas 🙂

Anyway, I figured this would be useful for others… so if you are in the same situation you can download the spreadsheet below:

On another note, if you find yourself at the conference and want to reach out and say hello… mention me on Twitter (@ghamson) :-). Perhaps we can share some sessions etc.

Keep SharePoint’n…

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