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Managing Content Types in a Document Library

February 22, 2012 Leave a comment

I was recently asked about the best way to manage large numbers of content types in a document library. The most simple way that I know of is to just add more document libraries and spread the content types among them, but what if your requirement is to only have one document library, in this scenario folders can help you.

When you set “Allow Management of content types” to Yes:


an extra item “Change New Button Order” is added to the bottom of the ECB menu for folders


This takes you to a “Change New Button Order” screen for the current folder not the document library.


You can now create logical groups of content types in separate folders, also as permission levels can be broken as folder level you can now create permissions at folder level and indirectly control who can use which content type in a document library.

** NOTE **

If you want to create a document library template or site template with content types in folders remember to tick the “Include Content”, button when you save your template or your folders will not be saved.


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