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Exporting Admin Approved #InfoPath Forms. #SP2007 to #SP2010

Just a quick blog to remind myself for some research I am doing.

We need to export existing Administrator Approved InfoPath forms and I came across this article:

In short, use STSADM to export a CAB and reimport using PowerShell.

As it is an older article soooo… just in case I lose it.  The details are below:

Admin approved form from MOSS 2007 get deployed as features within the 12 features hive under folders named with GUIDs. These need special handling to be moved to SharePoint 2010. The following steps need to be performed.

a) Export the Admin approved IP templates using stsadm command.

using stsadm -o exportipfsadminobjects command export the IP forms to a CAB file.

b) Import this into the SharePoint 2010 environment using the Windows PowerShell 2.0 Import-SPInfoPathAdministrationFiles cmdlet.

c) Check if the files are imported correctly by browsing to the Central Admin –> Manage Infopath Form Templates.


Other useful resources I found in my research on this topic:

Details further usage and includes updating of data connection files associated with InfoPath forms.

The Update-SPInfoPathUserFileUrl Command will allow you to updates your data connections in InfoPath form templates (.xsn files) and universal data connections (.udcx files) where references in the current farm should be updated when content is migrated to a different farm URL.

Upgrade resource links SP2007 to SP2010 from Microsoft

PowerShell CMDLets for importing into SharePoint 2010


Imports Microsoft InfoPath 2010 form templates and .udcx files that are located on the SharePoint Central Administration Web site.


Updates InfoPath form templates (.xsn files) and universal data connections (.udcx files), including all .xsn files and .udcx files that were deployed by an administrator.


Runs a Microsoft InfoPath 2010 .xsn/.udc fix-up on Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010.


Upgrades all Microsoft InfoPath form templates on the farm.

Till the next time…

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