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My Outlook 2013 calendar is showing temperatures in Fahrenheit, but I want Celsius!

October 25, 2012 1 comment

So, I have spent the day installing Office 2013 RTM onto my work laptop along with Visual Studio 2012 etc…

Now I haven’t used Outlook in earnest in the Technical Preview, but now that we are in RTM, it is full steam ahead to ensure the new interface becomes a part of normal working life.

So Outlook is installed (MSDN version) and I go to the calendar and the weather module is pointing to New York and is in Fahrenheit.  This is no good at all, I am in the UK in “sunny” Marlow.

So changing the location was easy, clicking on New York and adding a location was all it took.



To change it Celsius, it is available in the options (Backstage (File) > Options) in the Calendar section right at the bottom.



Et voila! and we are back into a local state Smile


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From Office 2013 Preview / Beta to RTM installation notes

October 25, 2012 2 comments

Just a quick post to note down some of the things I noticed when upgrading my work laptop to the RTM version of Office 2013.

I chose to perform an upgrade rather than uninstall Office 2010 first since I am still working in a 2010 / 2013 environment for the time being.


  • Download from MSDN
  • Grab key for activation
  • Click to run installations from Office 365 Preview and previous Preview installations need to be uninstalled first

MSDN Activation

  • Go to backstage (File)
  • Click Office Account
  • Click activate product and on the pop up you are asked to sign in with your Windows Live account
  • At the bottom of the pop up, there is activate via a product key (the windows live sign in, won’t work for MSDN subscribers)
  • Enter the key and click ok
  • Restart the product
  • Product now activated
    Some foibles based on my company’s internal environment

Project Professional 2013

  • We are currently running Project Server 2010 in the office, Microsoft Project 2013 will not connect to Project Server 2010
  • You can run Project 2010 Professional side by side with Project 2013 Professional
  • You cannot run Project 2013 Professional local with the click to run version (but you don’t need to Smile )

Visio 2013

  • Can run side by side with 2010

Lync 2013

  • Installation is no longer separate install package
  • Installed as part of Office 2013 Professional Plus
  • Can connect to Lync Server 2010

SkyDrive 2013 Pro

  • Can sync with SharePoint 2010
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