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Shenanigans community app now available on Android #in #PS2010 #ProjectServer #SP2010 #SharePoint #Android

As promised last week, the SharePoint (and Project Server) Shenanigans mobile application is now available for Google’s phone OS on Android Market.

Features are exactly the same as the iPhone version of the application and all future updates to the app will be kept in sync via in-app updates for both iPhone and Android.


Application features:

  • Blog articles from this site
  • Blog categories by author
  • SharePoint blog community RSS feeds
  • Project Server blog community RSS feeds
  • SharePoint Conference locations and dates
  • SharePoint Saturday locations and dates
  • User Group locations and dates
  • Social media sharing via:
shenanigans_facebooklogo_thumb1 shenanigans_twitterlogo1_thumb1

Application Name: SP & PS Shenanigans

Application Categories: Social

Search Keywords: SharePoint, Project Server, Giles Hamson, Shenanigans, Social




SC20110730-204020 SC20110730-204032 SC20110730-204101
SC20110730-204122 SC20110730-204133 SC20110730-204150
SC20110730-204207 SC20110730-204239 SC20110730-204316
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