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Office 15 preview announcement notes #SharePoint #SP2010 #MSProject #PS2010 #ProjectServer

Well, just as the rumours predicted, Microsoft has officially announced the Office 15 Preview. 

The live webcast announcement has just finished and I took some notes whilst I was watching.

Before I get to the notes, the Office 365 preview is available now to all users to try out:





I’ve just signed up for a preview enterprise account and the preview appears to include:

  • Exchange
  • SharePoint
  • Lync
  • Office 15
    Just for showmanship here are the new icons of the Office 15 suite:
    hp_icon_word hp_icon_excel
    hp_icon_powerpoint hp_icon_onenote
    hp_icon_outlook image
    Office365O15 image

Just as you would expect from an Office 365 preview.


** Update **

On further searching, all the various previews including Project, Microsoft Project Server Online! and Visio is available here:



** Update 2 **

Office Preview Feature Pages:

FAQ Link: http://www.microsoft.com/office/preview/en/faq (Includes specifications etc…)


** Update 3 **

IT Pro / On-Premise Downloads + Useful links:

    SharePoint 2013 Requirements:


      How to install by Eric Harlan:
        What you need to know about 2013 by Andrew Connell:


        ** Update 4 **

        Discontinued Features

        Microsoft Support have posted the following article on discontinued features:



        ** Update 5 **

        Setting up team development environments for SharePoint 2013



        ** Update 6 **

        Useful Links from Jeremy Thake (http://wss.made4the.net/archive/2012/07/16/office-2013-preview-announced-today.aspx)

        ** Update 7 **

        Training Material

        Announcement Notes:

        Now on to my notes taken during the keynote announcement and more blog posts will follow as I try things out the Customer Preview version:


        Office 365

        • new website capabilities
        • new social capabilities
        • new office web access with inline preview
        • mentions of yammer for a more social enterprise including future social connectors
        • annotation built in to Microsoft Office


        • full touch interface
        • pinch and zoom
        • hide / show ribbon including pin
        • new animation (1 of many) – “drape”

        Presentation editing updates

        • finger swipe or tap to switch slides
        • pinch and zoom available
        • inking used for annotation

        Presentation mode updated

        • shows next slide (very useful addition)
        • slide notes (as standard)
        • metro style
        • clock / timer still present


        • same ribbon capability
        • full touch
        • quick actions tab on right for easy touch based control
        • inline reply, no more multiple pop-ups required

        Peek functionality

        • hover over calendar or tasks for a window to appear showing current calendar or todays tasks
        • Double click on the section to open calendar or tasks

        Office developer model (Codename: Agave)

        Outlook used as the example but it is available across the suite of Office applications.

        can be hosted anywhere (Azure, Amazon and other web services for example)

        Example shown:

        • Bing maps and suggested appointments – scans current email and shows maps or appointment suggestions


        • updated to metro style
        • full touch, slide between notebooks
        • ink enabled
        • radial menu enables style changes easily with touch (font size like a spinometer)
        • integrated camera support in windows 8 (full touch cropping)


        • metro ui
        • office live sign in
        • shared settings
        • uses skydrive to save and share templates between devices
        • by default it will store it in the cloud
        • live layout with touch enabled (Allows you to drag pictures around the screen for positioning)

        Reading mode

        • inverse colours for reading modes
        • presence within comments
        • collapse and expand sections

        Cloud integration

        • embed youtube clips into word now
        • flickr and other picture services integrated
        • share document capability – skydrive, social networks, publish to blog
        • Shared device capability (pick up where you left off – remembers exact document position no matter the device)
        • settings and documents sync’d via sky drive
        • windows mobile 7.5 and 8 works the same way



        • follow documents, sites, tags and people
        • suggestions on what you should follow
        • activity feed
        • like capability
        • document previews (Office web apps)
        • inline video playback (including youtube)
        • tag creation with #tags
        • people suggestions as you type
        • news feed and presence + pictures inline
        • feed appears in sharepoint, office and includes facebook, twitter, yammer via social connectors (coming soon i’d expect)


        • presence built into office just like lync


        flash fill – assumes formulas on the fly

        • based on typing it analyses the columns in the sheet and suggests what you are trying to do
        • chart suggestions intelligent based on the data in the sheet

        Windows 8 scales

        • perceptive pixel (company recently bought by Microsoft)
        • 80+ inch screen with multi touch


        • touch aware also
        • drag users to tele or video conferences
        • live meeting functionality built in with touch capability
        • open one note from lync and meeting details are automatically brought in.
        • Using windows 8 you can pin it for side by side conferencing
        • NB: All the above shown on the perceptive pixel screen
          Now for all those excited about the announcement, what are you doing reading this? Go get on the preview and started learning!


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