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#Skype and #Lync seamless harmony? My experience of getting them working #O365 #Office365

So I’ve come into work today all happy because I am actually on some time booked out for management time and learning.

Given that Microsoft have opened up the interoperability between Skype and Lync, what better thing to try for 20 mins. (Articles from Skype here and from Microsoft here)

I happen to be in a lucky scenario:

  • My company has just moved to using Lync Online (as part of a general move to Office 365). 
  • We are also in a transition between Lync 2010 and Lync 2013.
  • We also use Skype heavily for clients who do not have Lync.
  • I also have a Windows Live Messenger account that is linked to Skype
  • I have a personal version of Office 365 that I use as well.
    So pretty much, with no setup time, I can test all the scenarios without any of the pain.

Initial Setup – Server (Office 365)

So my initial setup in Office 365, Lync Online Admin is as follows:


  • External access: On except for blocked domains
  • Public IM connectivity: checked (Turn on communications with Skype users and users of other public IM service providers)
    Initial Setup – Client

So after playing with it today, here are some facts that you need to know.

Ensure that you are logged into Skype as your Microsoft account.

    Skype Name

    Microsoft Account

You do not appear to need to update your clients, I am using Lync 2013 (RTM) and haven’t updated Skype in a while (there is certainly an update pending, but it is working).

Other than that, we are good to go.

Scenario One – Lync 2013 to Skype

  • So load up Lync as per normal and go to add a user:


  • Enter the Microsoft Account username and click OK:


  • On clicking ok, after a little while (couple of minutes), the Skype account will get a contact request:



  • Click Add to Contacts and away we go…


Scenario Two – Lync 2010 to Skype

  • Very similar to Scenario One, but instead of searching of a contact “Outside of your organisation”, just type in the Microsoft Account address, click the plus and add to the appropriate group.


  • Upon adding the user the group, a contact request is sent to Skype and after a couple of minutes you can chat away.


Scenario Three – Skype to Lync

  • Fairly simple again in this scenario.
  • Click Add Contact button
  • Type the Office 365 Account Name
  • Add them to the appropriate List in Skype


Now in order for it to kick in (and this maybe a timing issue), I had to send an instant message to receive a connection invite within Lync.  Other than that, we are cooking on gas!.

Windows Live Messenger, Huh?

Why did you mention Windows Live Messenger, isn’t it supposed to be dead?

Well as an interesting thing to note, I used to separate my personal and business IM activities, therefore WLW was the personal and Skype / Lync was the business.

However, now that WLW is almost no more, I found that logging into my Skype account with my Microsoft Account brought my personal status message into the Lync contact list.  Not the most professional thing I could have done, potentially.

So surely, we can just go into Skype and change it… right?  Well apparently no, as this only controls the Skype status message… so I downloaded Windows Live Messenger, logged in and changed it and all was well with the world again.

And Finally…

So there you have it.  Skype, Lync working together with a bit of Windows Live Messenger thrown in for good measure.

Voice calls work well too, as does IM via mobile.


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