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Converting taxonomy field into cascading drop down fields using PnP Branding.JsLink

Managed metadata fields don’t provide the same look and feel as choice field type. It is quick clunky specially when there are a lot of terms displayed.

The requirement cropped up to display the managed metadata fields as drop downs. After googling for a while, stumbled on PnP sample Branding.JSLink  solution which had an example how to achieve it. The solution is a no code sandboxed solution with different examples how to enrich fields. I wanted only the taxonomy to cascading drop down feature.

I copied the file TaxonomyOverrides.js and ManagedMetadata.js only into the “Style Library” library in my test SharePoint Site Collection. I modified the TaxonomyOverrides.js file to refer to the field “DocumentType” I wanted transformed in the fields section.

var jslinkOverride = window.jslinkOverride || {};
jslinkOverride.Taxonomy = {};

jslinkOverride.Taxonomy.Templates = {
Fields: {
‘DocumentType’: {
‘NewForm’: jslinkTemplates.Taxonomy.editMode,
‘EditForm’: jslinkTemplates.Taxonomy.editMode

jslinkOverride.Taxonomy.Functions = {};
jslinkOverride.Taxonomy.Functions.RegisterTemplate = function () {
// register our object, which contains our templates
jslinkOverride.Taxonomy.Functions.MdsRegisterTemplate = function () {
// register our custom template

// and make sure our custom view fires each time MDS performs
// a page transition
var thisUrl = _spPageContextInfo.siteServerRelativeUrl + “Style Library/OfficeDevPnP/Branding.JSLink/TemplateOverrides/TaxonomyOverrides.js”;
RegisterModuleInit(thisUrl, jslinkOverride.Taxonomy.Functions.RegisterTemplate)

if (typeof _spPageContextInfo != “undefined” && _spPageContextInfo != null) {
// its an MDS page refresh
} else {
// normal page load

The DocumentType is a taxonomy field which has SharePoint OOB look and feel


After referencing the files TaxonomyOverrides.js and ManagedMetadata.js  on the editform page of the document library using a script editor webpart using tags as below.




Voila, the taxonomy field is transformed into cascading drop downs.


from reshmeeauckloo http://bit.ly/2qwao8c

Reshmee Auckloo
Reshmee Auckloo – Reshmee is a certified Microsoft professional and has been involved in delivering solutions across a wide variety of industry sectors in a range of assignments from SSRS to Microsoft SharePoint, Project Server development, CRM Dynamics and .Net including business requirements gathering and software quality assurance.

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