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SPC11 – SharePoint 2010 Design Content Packs (Unreleased, yet) #SPC11 #SharePoint

October 8, 2011 1 comment

During a session being hosted by a rep from Sketchers (yep, the shoe people) – we were told that Microsoft is in the process of finalising Design Content Packs which will provide master pages, CSS and other design collateral for people wanting to re-brand SharePoint 2010.

They are expected during Q1 of 2012 and according to Sketchers (who I believe must have been involved in their development) they will be what ‘Themes’ (which are rubbish) should have always been.

I would hope that at the very least, they will be a good jump start for anyone looking to re-brand SharePoint.

As soon as they are released I will update this post.

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SPC 2011 – SharePoint Network Topology Visio Addin #SPC11 #SharePoint

Twitter: @pcgriffiths

So as I’m waiting for my 12 hr flight home, I thought I’d start the process of trying to share some of the mountain of information I’ve acquired this week in California. Firstly it’s important to say that Microsoft and all the presenters did a fantastic job, it really was a great week.

This first item is very cool – particularly if you’re an admin/architect. How good would it be if you could render near to real time SharePoint 2010 Farm health information, directly to Visio – then publish it into SharePoint?

Well you can, with the SharePoint Network Topology Diagram Add-in for Visio 2010.

Using a combination of Visio Services, a SharePoint Timer Job and Visio 2010 you can make this happen:

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Employee Absence Form + email notification to manager #in #SP2010 #SharePoint

December 2, 2010 Leave a comment

This post shows you how to utilise a little known workflow action in SharePoint Designer 2010, which allows a workflow to fire off an email to a user’s manager.

Note that your AD hierarchy needs to be correct for this to work.

Step 1 – Create a Custom List (Absence Log)

Here I created a basic custom list, adding the columns you see below;

  • Member of Staff (Person or Group)
  • Date of Absence (Date and Time)
  • Reason for Absence (Single Line of Text)
  • Estimated Duration (Choice)
  • Line Manager (Person or Group)

Step 2 – Create List Workflow (SharePoint Designer 2010)

Now open up SharePoint Designer 2010, choose ‘Workflow’ on the left hand navigation and then create a new ‘List Workflow’ – selecting the Absence list.

  • Create a New Action –> LOOKUP MANAGER OF A USER


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