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SPC11 – SharePoint 2010 Design Content Packs (Unreleased, yet) #SPC11 #SharePoint

October 8, 2011 1 comment

During a session being hosted by a rep from Sketchers (yep, the shoe people) – we were told that Microsoft is in the process of finalising Design Content Packs which will provide master pages, CSS and other design collateral for people wanting to re-brand SharePoint 2010.

They are expected during Q1 of 2012 and according to Sketchers (who I believe must have been involved in their development) they will be what ‘Themes’ (which are rubbish) should have always been.

I would hope that at the very least, they will be a good jump start for anyone looking to re-brand SharePoint.

As soon as they are released I will update this post.

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