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SharePoint and PDFs

April 4, 2012 10 comments

Everyone knows that the Adobe PDF iFilter can be used to index PDF files, so I was quite surprised to look at an SP2010 farm last week that was only sometimes showing the PDF icon, and sometimes a blank icon.

Of course the solution to this was obvious, this farm had 2 WFE servers and the icon file and DOCICON.XML file had only been updated on one server, so a couple a minutes later everything was working once I had updated the 2nd server.

Here are the Microsoft instructions on how to install the PDF iFilter

but personally I prefer the Nick Grattan instructions.

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Documenting a SharePoint Farm

February 20, 2012 Leave a comment

Anyone involved with the building / running / supporting of a SharePoint system will know how important documenting the original build configuration is.

If you build farms using the excellent AutoSPIntaller, then most of your work is already done as you have to plan things like your service accounts and database names for the inputs.xml file.

But what if you are called into look at a system that you know nothing about ?. in this case the equally excellent SPSFarmReport will come to your help.

The download zip file has versions for both WSS 3.0 / MOSS (32 & 64 bit) and SharePoint Foundation / SP2010 / Project Server 2010.

Once downloaded onto one of your servers with the binaries installed, simply run the appropriate executable under Farm account credentials, once ran you can delete the executable if needed.

The report output file is a nicely formatted HTML document that covers just about every single aspect of your farm configuration, this can be used to create your documentation guide, and as a timed snapshot of your configuration for future comparison.

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