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Group has Full Control but you cannot add a user to the group? #SharePoint

So we had an interesting support call come in today which had us stymied for about 5 minutes until we realised the obvious.

Essentially the user was in a SharePoint group that had a Permission Level with Full Control of the SharePoint site, however they could not add users to the group.

Site Collection Administrators of course could add users without issue.

The answer is of course to update the Group Settings to allow Group Members to edit.

In detail

  • Go to the group “Portal Administrators” in this case (Site Actions (or Cog in SP2013) > Site Settings > Site Permissions)
  • Under Settings select Group Settings


  • Under the Group Settings section
  • Who can edit the membership of this group?  Group Members


And we’re done… just a little tidbit for today… till the next time.

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