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So… you want to print a List Item (dispform.aspx) in #SP2010 #SharePoint do you? We’ll see about that!

July 31, 2013 4 comments

As my project continues to go through UAT, it is always when you let your projects loose onto the world that you find the niggles and the minor issues.

So having worked out the email issues (previous post) and a few other bits and bobs.  This issue came along and flumuxed me for a sec.


Browser: IE8, IE9

Environment: Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 Enterprise SP1

When opening the view item value from a list (dispform.aspx), those with a large body of text in any multiple lines of text fields appeared fine on the screen. 

However on print preview / paper the text stopped at the end of the page, then it moves on to the next field.


I hear you say.


What on earth could that be?

I checked the previous system that I was migrating from (SharePoint 2007) and the issue was not present there.  So it had to be something to do with the HTML markup right?

Well I compared the SharePoint 2010 dispform.aspx markup with the SharePoint 2007 output and apart from more divs to encase it in, the output is pretty much the same.

So I tried to override with my own print CSS but to no avail.


After Further Investigation…

It appeared to be the doc type.  By default, in SharePoint 2010, this is set to IE8, where as in SharePoint 2007 it is set to IE7.  This combined with IE8 or IE9 caused the issue.

Internet Explorer 10 and Chrome however, no issues.


How did we resolve?

At the moment we are potentially going to set the doc type to IE7 for this web application.  We are lucky that in this scenario, this may work as a quick fix.

However, as for the full solution, that is still to work out!


Useful Links:

Group Policy reference for IE8:


Attachment is missing from an e-mail message #SharePoint #SP2007 #SP2010 #SP2013

At a client recently, we were having the issue of emails being sent to a list but the attachments were not appearing with the email.

In this scenario, it was working if we sent it directly to the list email address, but if we forwarded from Exchange via a contact, no attachments came through.

Anyway, it would appear the following needs to be set:

If attachments are missing from email messages that are sent to a SharePoint document library, it might be because you associated the document library with an email address. When you do this, Directory Management Service may not add the following two attributes to the user associated with the email address:

  • internet Encoding = 1310720

  • mAPIRecipient = false

    Full details are below.

Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 / Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007

SharePoint Foundation 2010 / SharePoint Server 2010

SharePoint Foundation 2013 / SharePoint Server 2013

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